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About Me:

Sit back and be prepared to fall asleep through the narcissistic journey that is 'about me' (i hate doing these things)

Hi peeps, I'm D0S81 but u can just call me Dean, as that is my human name. and i live in Newcastle in the UK.
Im pretty down to earth (as i havent learned to fly yet), and up for chatting about anything :) When i'm not playing videogames for 'the tube of you' plug plug plug, seriously, go check me out on youtube n tell me what you think, im D0S81 there too, in fact im D0S81 everywhere on the web, so just google me if you like. anyhoo, im on this site because i love movies, and t.v, just like all u awesome peeps. so if u just wanna talk about movies or..well, anything really, then don't be shy. i'll talk to anyone as long as they're not an ass (i dont mean donkeys, i mean trollers, i dont mind talking to donkeys.). though i'll admit, everyone has been really cool on primewire so far. which apart from the free stuff to watch, is the reason this site is so great......and they all lived happily ever after, the end :)

Still awake? well, hopefully my hobbies list will get you off to sleep :)


Im a 300 year old vampire that *doesnt* sparkle in the daytime, but spontaniously bursts into whatever song is in my head at the time, i also like Watchin tv shows and movies as you know. Playing knifey spooney, I love Star trek, i think its a brilliant documentary. i am also recently a star wars fan too since the force awakens, and love them all too. i love reading comics on the awesomenessness..ness......ness that is readcomiconline.to i also love adoring zombies. Reading books, Staring at the vastness and majestic wonder of space and wondering how much it costs God in electricity to keep those pwetty lights on. Good jokes. Drawing and just being creative in general. Bad jokes (ones that generally involve chickens crossing roads) wondering how cool it would be to be a bounty hunter on the good ship Beebop, and have a dog like Ein that can hack computers. I wouldn't mind owning my own Tachikoma either (thats a big tank thing from Ghost in The Shell....not a virtual pet). I love my video games, so much so, i decided to post what i play on youtube (till my good computer broke that is, but you can still check out my stuff thats there for now).although i can be serious when i need to be, i'm basically just a big kid and i hope to never grow up. I love Dogs, cats are cool too, but till i see one catch a stick, its dogs all the way, sorry cat lovers.

<takes deep breath...then passes out> phew!

waitaminnit, your *still* awake, i thought for sure that would have had sleeping like a baby, oh well you could always try my youtube (I DON'T THINK I MENTIONED IT YET, BUT I DO VIDEOGAMES....THAT'S SURE TO MAKE YOU DOZE OFF) please feel free to let me know what you think, and whether or not i did ok and should keep going, or quit while i'm not ahead.

or there's always twitter,
Dean Smith @D0S81

and if your *still* awake after all that...then you my freind, deserve a medal! unfortunately im out of medals at the moment, so if your up for it, private message me, and i'll reward you with some conversation about stuff....and things....and stuff :)


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