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My favourite TV shows ( 12 items )
100 Views | No Rating | Created 9 hours ago by Nasnous
Personaly I LOVE Tv shows. I think it is because they tell stories that can last and progress and when you love the characters you can see them in more than one and a half hour movie. So I decided to create my own personal "best" list!
Scientology ( 5 items )
207 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 1 day ago by reganmann
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foo ( 5 items )
103 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 1 day ago by KLVN
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Freediving ( 4 items )
144 Views | No Rating | Created 2 days ago by Lowryderkid
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Modern Screwball & Screwball Inspired Comedies ( 51 items )
173 Views | 2.3 / 5 | Created 2 days ago by gated
I also have a playlist of all the classic screwball comedies that includes a long description of the genre and a short playlist of the essential classic screwball comedies. ------ Most of these films are best categorized as romantic, sex, slapstick, or farce or something else comedies with screwball elements. Only a few are best described as primarily screwball comedies. The 60's films in particular occupy a transitional period of cinema when new forms and genres were in the process of emerging. Throughout the fifties filmmakers were increasingly freed from the tight constrictions of the movie production or Haye's code by court decisions. By the 60's they were experimenting in earnest with new forms. With the exception of Sex and the Single Girl most of these 60's films aren't looking to be purer screwball or even screwball tributes. They are experimenting with new forms while still relying on and incorporating previous conventions. 1972's What's Up, Doc? is probably the first effort to make a pure screwball comedy since the 50's. ------ Most modern comedies incorporate some of the conventions and style of screwball comedies to some degree. Woody Allen's films all certainly do even if no single film of his is predominantly a screwball. ------ Several of these films are remakes of classic 30's and 40's screwball comedies. ------ Unless you are making a survey of all the modern films heavily influenced by screwball comedy several of these films are probably not worth watching. They include at the least The Baxter, Oscar, Puccini for Beginners, Who's That Girl, Laws of Attraction, and Town & Country. ----- The films most faithful to the classic screwball comedies of the 30's & 40's are What's Up, Doc?, She's Funny That Way, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and all the Coen Brothers' films in their own modern way.
Martial Arts ( 15 items )
254 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 2 days ago by Muddy81
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Christian or Religious ( 4 items )
111 Views | No Rating | Created 2 days ago by jersonmaudiel
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animated ( 21 items )
186 Views | No Rating | Created 2 days ago by xconny
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visual porn ( 14 items )
533 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 2 days ago by xconny
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Cyberpunk Worth Viewing ( 26 items )
278 Views | No Rating | Created 2 days ago by HeatherMason
as the title indicates.
Autism in Film ( 11 items )
95 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 2 days ago by itsBA44
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Scientology is a Cult ( 10 items )
141 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 3 days ago by gated
Also, check out the 2017 20/20 (season 39, episode 21) "Scientology: A War Without Guns" that aired on Jan 6th and the 2013 60 Minutes piece (season 35, episode 16) that aired on June 9th. The last three films on the list are dramatizations based on the cult and/or its founder. May God strike down their tax exempt status with lightning bolts from heaven, Amen.
Disney Channel Original Movies ( 12 items )
249 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 3 days ago by PoisongirL07
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Meaningful movies ( 6 items )
414 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 3 days ago by Snowfang
u will either cry or just want to die
Favorite tv series ( 19 items )
250 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 3 days ago by Snowfang
personal fav tv shows/all genres
Horror favorites ( 14 items )
285 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 3 days ago by Snowfang
my personal fav horror films and shows
What the fuck did i just watch ( 11 items )
428 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 3 days ago by Snowfang
movies that will make you wonder what the fuck you just watched
Teh Lurd Of Teh Reings ( 6 items )
148 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 4 days ago by ScholarOfBabylon
All teh movies me precocious
Romance ( 16 items )
213 Views | No Rating | Created 4 days ago by PoisongirL07
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Drama ( 14 items )
161 Views | No Rating | Created 4 days ago by PoisongirL07
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Mary-Kate And Ashley ( 9 items )
110 Views | No Rating | Created 4 days ago by PoisongirL07
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Christmas Movies ( 91 items )
132 Views | No Rating | Created 4 days ago by happyson1980
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The Essential Classic Screwball Comedies ( 53 items )
161 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 4 days ago by gated
I have a much larger list of all the screwball comedies of the classic period that includes a long description of the genre. My other playlists ---
Barry's Mullet's Top 10 Western ( 10 items )
228 Views | 2.3 / 5 | Created 5 days ago by spydyrman From the comments section: Barry's Mullet • a day ago 1. The Searchers 2. Open Range. 3. Shane 4. Unforgiven 5. Tombstone 6. Lonesome Dove 7. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon 8. My Darling Clementine 9. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 10. Gunfight at OK Corral
All the Screwball Comedies from the Classic Era ( 184 items )
148 Views | 2.3 / 5 | Created 5 days ago by gated
The Screwball Comedy film genre became popular during the Great Depression, originating in the early 1930s and thriving until the early 1940s. The film considered to be the first definitive screwball comedy that set the template for all that would follow is 1934's It happened One night. A fewer number of classic style screwball films continued to be made throughout the rest of the 40's, the 50's and the 60's. ---- The Screwball Comedy film genre is most essentially a sub genre of Comedy that focuses on romance and comedic juxtapositions. ---- The juxtapositions displayed are typically educated vs uneducated, poor vs rich, dumb vs smart, humble vs arrogant, honest vs dishonest, ignorant vs wise, and most often male vs female. ---- There is almost always romance at the heart of the comedy that often displays a battle-of-the-sexes type farce. The leading ladies are often high spirited and eccentric and frequently comically emasculate the men. ---- Screwball comedies combine the lunacy and ridiculousness of farce with the comic violence and hare-brained action of slapstick comedy, and the sophisticated and witty dialogue of the romantic comedy. ---- Typical narrative devices include improbable events, mistaken identities, and ominously misleading circumstantial evidence quickly compounded upon each other. All these elements are generally delivered at break-neck speed as is the fast-talking, witty repartee characteristic of the dialogue. ---- Two of the largest period influences on the development of the genre were the economic hardships of the Great Depressions and the introduction of the Haye's Code which censored what could be said and done in films. This is why so many Screwball films display a fascination with the wealthy and/or with narratives in which wealthy people and regular, if not poor, people are thrown together in comedic situations. The censorship codes accounts for the abundance of creative sexua innuendo. ---- The heritage of the screwball can trace its way all the way back to the ancient Greek plays in some part and back to Shakespeare in large part ( Much Ado about Nothing, The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummers Night's Dream, etc.). Oscar Wilde would be the screwball's most important "modern" influence. --------------------------------------------------------------------The main list I have used to identify films is from Duane Byrge and Robert Milton Miller's "The Screwball Comedy Films: A History and Filmography, 1934-1942". Their list starts at 1934 and goes until 1953. The majority of screwball comedy films were of course made between 1934 and 1942. ------ They have well over 200 entries on their list while this list has about 180. I have included all of the films on their list I could find. Dozens of films are missing, especially considering the fact that I have added films to this list not found on theirs. The most significant missing films found on their list but not on this site are Love on the Run (1936), The Mad Miss Manton (1938), Fools for Scandal (1938), Boy Meets Girl (1938), The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939), It's a Wonderful World (1939), Bedtime Story (1941), Love Crazy (1941), The Feminine Touch (1941), Tom, Dick and Harry (1941), Two-Faced Woman (1941), My Sister Eileen(1942), A Night to Remember (1942), and Unfaithfully Yours (1948). ------ Some films that are not on the Byrge & Miller list but that are generally considered to fall within the genre of screwball comedy and that I have included in this list are The Great McGinty (1940) & Sullivan's Travels (1941); both of which are equal parts screwball and satire. Some others are Service De Luxe (1938), The Shop Around the Corner (1940 & really a romantic comedy with screwball elements), Come Live With Me (1941), Broadway Limited (1941), Skylark (1941), The Lady Is Willing (1942), Thirty Day Princess (1943) Hail the Conquering Hero (1944), Casanova Brown (1944), My Dear Secretary (1948), and The Mating Season (1951). ------ I have included the musicals The Gay Divorcee (1934), Top Hat (1935), and Follow the Fleet ( 1936 ) which are not on the Byrge & Miller list and although they may be musicals first they are strong screwball comedies second. The musical Whoopee (1930) is a progenitor musical/screwball comedy. ------ There were several films made before 1934 that are now considered to be screwball comedies in hindsight and/or the progenitors of the genre. I have included several of them. They are: It Pays to Advertise (1931), Platinum Blonde (1931), Private Lives (1931), The Front Page (1931), Blessed Event (1932), Impatient Maiden (1932), Million Dollar Legs (1932), The Half Naked Truth (1932), Trouble in Paradise (1932), Design for Living (1933), Three-Cornered Moon (1933), and Six of a Kind (1934 see comment below). ------ Some films not on this site or on the Byrge & Miller list but that are typically considered to be screwball by other sources are Affectionately Yours (1941), Three Girls About Town (1941), and Miss Tatlock's Millions (1948). ------ Some films on the Byrge & Miller list such Wife vs. Secretary (1936), Adventure in Manhattan (1936), and others might be described as romantic or dramatic films with screwball comedy touches. The same might be said for Destry Rides Again (1939) which is mainly a western. ------ I have chosen not include any of the Marx Brothers films. Although they share some DNA with screwball comedies they are their own unique beast. The three Marx Brothers films most commonly cited as being screwball comedies are Duck Soup (1933), A Night at the Opera (1935), and A Day at the Races (1937). ------ I have also chosen not to include any of the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby "Road to ...." pictures which are also often cited as screwball comedies because I don't think they qualify. They made seven between 1940 and 1962. I have ended this list at 1959 considering any screwball comedy made since then as separate from the classic period. My other playlists ---
Real Crime Shows ( 3 items )
270 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by Muddy81
No Description
British Murder Mystery Shows ( 4 items )
228 Views | No Rating | Created 6 days ago by Muddy81
No Description
102 Favorites ( 102 items )
780 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by moron4peace
Sequel to my other playlist: 101 Favorites. All genres, 1978-2017, in no particular order.
Sitcoms ( 18 items )
183 Views | No Rating | Created 6 days ago by PoisongirL07
No Description
90'sToons ( 7 items )
137 Views | No Rating | Created 6 days ago by PoisongirL07
No Description
100 Greatest Films of all time ( 35 items )
822 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by chibifan7
Under Construction! The name says it all! i am list what i believe to be are the 100 greatest movies ever made! i will be going over all genres and picking out the best. some are already considered the best by most people some will be movies others hate but in the end this is my list :) and i hope you enjoy.
Best & Most Important Westerns (1960-1979) ( 64 items )
450 Views | 2.3 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
Although western TV shows would go on to dominate the medium for several more years the popularity of the western film was in decline in the late years of the 1950's and the early years of the 1960's. The maturation of the Revisionist Western genre in the 60's, starting with The Magnificent 7, would help to stem the decline of the genre's popularity during these years. The Magnificent 7 was an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's classic 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai. This marked the beginning of a long tradition of Samurai pictures influencing western films. Western films in turn would soon go on to influence Samurai pictures and the cultural exchange continues to this day. 1962's The Man Who shot Liberty Valance marked the complete dominance of the Revisionist Western with two of the Traditional Western's most classic stars in the lead roles. The rise of the Spaghetti Western would be the shot in the arm the genre would need to help sustain its popularity throughout the 60's and into the 70's starting with A fistful of Dollars, the first part in Sergio Leone's Man With No Name trilogy that would also include For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The Spaghetti Western's highest achievement would come with 1968's Once upon a TIme in the West by the same director. In the late 70's the popularity of the western was already in steep decline and then in 1980 the epic box office bomb Heaven's Gate was released resulting in more than two decades in which the major studios were almost completely unwilling to make westerns. My other playlists ---
Regina Hall Movies ( 15 items )
381 Views | No Rating | Created 1 week ago by rs82080
No Description
Step Up dance movie ( 5 items )
254 Views | No Rating | Created 1 week ago by enjoy77
No Description
Best & Most Important Westerns (1939-1959) ( 76 items )
423 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
Within this time period was the golden age of Westerns. 1939 marked a renewal for the Western genre as several major productions were released that year which would go on to be successful. The most seminal of them is John Ford's Stagecoach. ---- The genre's serialized and pulp like b movies of the 30's would slowly die out (mostly) over the next decade with the advent of television westerns being their final nail in the coffin. ---- The Singing Cowboy subgenre would reach its peak of popularity in the mid to late 40's and then experience a quick death in the early 50's with the last example of its kind released in 1954. ----- The 50's marked the Western's peak in popularity with more films released in the Western genre than all other film genres combined. The traditional western dominated this period but it was also in the 50's that the development of the Revisionist and Contemporary Western first began. The early examples of the Revisionist genre are sometimes referred to as Noir Westerns within context of the late 40's and the 50's although they are really distinct subgenres. It is simply that many, but not all, of the first westerns to incorporate revisionist themes also incorporated noir themes. For a more detailed description of western subgenres see my other western playlists. ---- The popularity of the genre began to wane towards the end of the fifties and in the early sixties but the growing Revisionist Western subgenre, and especially the new Spaghetti Western subgenre would help renew and sustain the Western's popularity. ---- As you can see there were a lot of popular and well made Westerns produced in this time period. Despite the length of this list it represents only a small portion of all the Westerns made during this era. ---- I have done my best to list the films in chronological order and have included several of the best western TV shows at the end. My other playlists ---
Scary Favorites ( 31 items )
583 Views | No Rating | Created 1 week ago by GoldfishCracker
All my favorite movies and shows that cause a fright!
Pixl Movies ( 30 items )
364 Views | No Rating | Created 1 week ago by GigliChico
As I did with the hallmark playlist I want to try and find every Pixl movie on this site and add them to a playlist. The list is not in chronicle order. Some movies are missing as they are not on this site. Some movies PixL and Hallmark worked on together. New movies will be added as they become available. Hope you enjoy.
Best & Most Important Westerns (Pre-1939) ( 21 items )
238 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
Since the very beginning of film the Western has consistently been the most or one of the most important and popular film genres. The first westerns were of course silent films. Most of the characteristics of Western films were part of 19th century popular Western fiction and were firmly in place before film became a popular art form. At those times real life men and women who already were or would go on to become legends of the old west, like Wyatt Earp, would advise and sometimes even appear in the films. ---- At the advent of sound in 1927 many studios largely abandoned the western genre and many of the westerns made for a decade were cheaply produced and/or serial westerns and it was widely considered to be a pulp genre. ---- A subgenre of the western that helped sustain the genre during this period of decreased popularity was that of the singing cowboy. During the film the hero would often break into song in order to express his feelings and advance the narrative. Eventually the two most popular and successful singing cowboys would be Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. An entire genre of music was popularized in part by these films. ---- In 1939 the western genre was revived by several major successful productions that helped set the template for how traditional westerns are made to this day. That is why this list stops at 1938. ---- Noticeably absent are The Covered Wagon (1923 & the first first big-scale or epic western), Tumbleweeds (1925), In Old Arizona (1928 & the first sound western), The Virginian (1929), Tumblin' Tumbleweeds (1935), Rhythm of the Saddle (1938), and Montana Moon (1930) and Sons of the Saddle (1930), starring Ken Maynard, which were not great films but were the first singing cowboy pictures. While some of the more significant films are not on this site there are several less significant pre-1939 films on this site not on this list. Just go to the western genre and order the films by date. These films are still very illustrative of the time period. My other playlists ---
Best & Most Important Westerns (Post-1980) ( 42 items )
421 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
There is also a 1960-1979 list, a 1939-1959 list, and a Pre-1939 list. While these list represent a subjective opinion it is a combination of my taste and the synthesization of many critics' lists. While there may be a decent western not on the lists all of the very best, according to a wide consensus, are there. ---- Many of the films on this list are Neo-Westerns and/or Revisionist Westerns as opposed to Classic/Traditional westerns. If the western has an anti-hero, satire, sympathetic and accurate portrayal of native people's, and lots of moral grey areas then it is probably a Revisionist Western. If it is set in a modern setting or incorporates intense violence then it is likely a Neo-Western. ---- In distinguishing the sub genres of films that use Western storytelling conventions, it is useful to keep in mind the following distinctions: Classic/Traditional Westerns are just that. They have well defined bad and good guys and take place in the old west. Revisionist Westerns are Traditional/Classic Westerns in setting but incorporate contemporary values. Contemporary Westerns use traditional genre conventions and values but transplant them to a contemporary setting. Neo-Westerns adopt the conventions of Western storytelling but incorporate new values, sometimes transplanted to other settings. ---- A film can fit into more than one of these categories at the same time. Confusingly some people tend to mix up the use of the terms Neo-Western and Contemporary Western although the usage I have outlined is the most accepted.----- Some of these films might also fit into other sub genres such as Spaghetti-Western or Epic-Western. A couple are even Meat pie Westerns (a slang term which plays on the Italo-western moniker "Spaghetti Western"); an American Western-style film set in Australia. Other subgenres such as Comedy Western, Acid Western, or Horror Western are typically not included in these lists because they are so far away from traditional westerns in their style. ---- The western genre was already experiencing a period of declining popularity in the 70's when the epic box office bomb Heaven's Gate was released in 1980. For the next two decades plus the major studios were all reluctant to invest in large western pictures with the genre being kept alive by low budget films and an occasional large budget production film from the most dedicated filmmakers. Most of these successful large production films were of the revisionist genre that had first started developing in the 1940' but has reached the peak of its prominence in the 60's & 70's. ----- Television also helped keep the western genre popular in the 80's with The Man From Snowy River and Lonesome Dove and their sequels. There were also several other good TV movies and mini-series made during this time period, often staring Tom Selleck and/or Sam Elliot that aren't quite good enough to make the list but helped sustain interest in westerns. ---- It wasn't until 1992's Dances With Wolves and Unforgiven that the genre was once again reinvigorated and reinvented. But in some ways Unforgiven was also a swan song for the genre. For the next several years one or less great westerners would be made a year along with several mediocre ones. In the 00's directors finally began to take the lessons from Dances with Wolves and especially Unforgiven and once again began making great westerns starting with television's Deadwood. 2007's No Country For Old Men & The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford definitively signalled the potential for renewed success with the genre and modern audiences that Unforgiven had first promised. ---- The lessons of how to make a great western for modern audiences filmmakers learned from the most important films since 1992 have only recently began to consistently bear fruit. Since 2010 there has been a revival of the genre with good westerns made at a pace not seen since the 60's. While often incorporating elements of the Traditional, Contemporary, or Revisionist genres the most ascendant of the Western subgenres is now the Neo-Western genre. My other playlists ---
Gold Gold Gold ( 11 items )
366 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by jeffy1212
Once had a 56 game necklace and a 26 gram cross with two more chains. I love yellow gold, no bracelets.... :) lol 5 oz of gold in B.C is worth 6500.00, Makes a person wanna take off for 3 months. I almost think I could even take my girl. she's so smart and I think she'd be an awesome survivalist.

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