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Slamma Jamma ( 6 minutes ago )

jfivehunny : 'Slamma Jamma'? Really? That is the title they wanted to go with?

Dirty Dancing ( 7 minutes ago )

shiskebob : I appreciate that they tried to make it their own. Unfortunately, she can't dance and I felt that it made the movie poorer for it. And that ending... what?

Alien: Covenant ( 10 minutes ago )

AimoKuningas : Stopped watching after a little over an hour (when the genius had blown their rescue ship trying to kill the babe monster). These prequels or sequels or whatever you might call them are plain stupid. Same old story again and again: stupid space crew in distress with a cunning sociopathic android and as a bonus a drooling monster. No thanks. 4/10

Prison Break ( 21 minutes ago )

Christinaxo : i think Linkon is still alive and he ran around the back and shot her before she shot Michael cause they would never end a show this good like this

Quantico ( 27 minutes ago )

bjmukwati : This show is getting harder and harder to watch

Manhattan Night ( 28 minutes ago )

malaysiaboy : Good neo-noir with gloomy atmosphere and solid performances. Could have used a little more attention to detail though. It had the potential to be a very memorable thriller but kinda fell short.

Luther ( 32 minutes ago )

Juules : Darkest crime series I have ever come across so far. Very intense and fast paced, with little character introduction or in depth dialogue that would probably explain a bit more what is happening on in the plot. I finished the 2nd season and i like it so far, though it`s pretty dark probably too dark.

Scanners III: The Takeover ( 35 minutes ago )

BellaMia2 : Oh boy. That one was the worse of the lot. I mean, really bad. The acting was overdone, to the point of being ridiculous. The fight scenes was poor, to say the least. I had to fast-forward a couple of times, to get through it. The only good thing about this miserable movie, was the beautiful shots of the city of Montreal. What can I say. I'm bias.

Basketball Wives ( 53 minutes ago )

BigUps4Talent : This is so grade school. Your not my friend, you aren't loyal, they were talking about me. These ladies need to act their ages. Take some responsibility for self. Stop cursing each other out, control your emotions, and learn to respect each other as blessed and highly favored beautiful and looked up to women. I wld like to see this side and how far that type of friendship can go. You know, like what all comes with true love in friendships where there is a real sisterhood. So, much better, interesting and inspirational.

T2 Trainspotting ( 1 hour ago )

wieichbin : This was excellent. Loved the directors approach to the second installment of this franchis hence the exceptional acting. It was worth the wait!

Black Butterfly ( 1 hour ago )

OzzEx : Loved it. Yes, at first it seems slightly slow. BUT stay with it, when it kicks off you'll enjoy the ride. Brilliant twist at the end. 4/5

Out of the Darkness ( 1 hour ago )

adamlad4 : thank you very much uploaders! you are Awesome

24 ( 1 hour ago )

water2whine : Mykelti Williamson's acting (Hastings) always impresses me - in this role he is about as far from Bubba Shrimp as a person can get LOL. I cannot fault Kayla -- Tarin is hot - especially when "he takes his shirt off".

Berlin Syndrome ( 1 hour ago )

OzzEx : If we look past such a young woman travelling alone, (even an Aussie girl.) This woman seems uncharacteristically naive. Of course, there would be no story/film, if she had been a ball crushing man-hater. So she's a dreamer and wants to see the best in things and people. Mmmm - okay. I can actually remember when such people, albeit rarely, actually existed. However - Today, sadly with the public being desensitised by news, movies and real life - my comment is BEWARE. 4/5

The Shadow Effect ( 1 hour ago )

Truthteller : By the last 20 minutes I had 100% mentally checked out and was just watching forms moving on my screen. I swear only watched this movie for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whom I love, but he was hardly in it and neither his character, nor the story, really added up to much of anything. It was a waste of an hour and a half (I've been here before, but it's been a while, so I feel somewhat ashamed for falling in this same trap again). Hopefully, this'll be the last waste-watch I see this year... I might get tricked again by some actor I like (like there's this new Sean Bean movie that just came online, called Drone -will I get sucked in again? I dunno). I was a fan of Cam for a while, but now I've realized he just can't act + he's never (if I'm being honest with myself) been a really good movie. Some have been more tolerable and fun than others, but ...I mean, I liked In the Blood (2014), but that was more because of Gina Carano, and the story was a little better. Bottom line: I give this a 4/10 (2/5). Could've been so much better with a little work and effort. Oh well... I plan on seeing Jonathan Rhys Meyer's Black Butterfly -please God, let that be at least better than this.

Yukon Men ( 1 hour ago )

tvshowjunkie : second week in a row this show has a bad upload.

Slamma Jamma ( 1 hour ago )

NickFuryJudgeJury : I bet you a white guy made this.

Bloodline ( 1 hour ago )

Ladymia69 : Kevin is such a whining, baby bitch... he makes me sick.

Hush ( 1 hour ago )

ditto : shes needs a big guard dog with a house that big and a gun and home security system the movie was good thumbs up

Away ( 1 hour ago )

literati : Predictable. Superficial treatment of dark and traumatic subjects. I watched to the end and wish I hadn't bothered. Blah kind of story. 2/5

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ( 1 hour ago )

SizzyLove : This was a strong and thought provoking finale.... Also tragic and sad.

Slamma Jamma ( 1 hour ago )

GSPatton43 : It was OK. Kinda funny tho, Michael Irvin must feel at home in a prison movie.

Dragon Blade ( 1 hour ago )

Imperi4 : What a dabbing :D. The fight scenes where good tho.

War Machine ( 1 hour ago )

OzzEx : WHY - When someone has money to spend - do they waste it on movies like this? Brad Pitt has brought certain movies to life. Unfortunately this movie was mummified and couldn't be revived - ever. To attempt comedy, especially of war, you need substance, action, drama and outstanding characters. This has none of those. The days of 'Kelly's Hero's' - one of the best tongue in cheek movies of its kind, are over! So (finally-thank God) is this movie. 2/5

My 600-lb Life ( 1 hour ago )

happyhappyjoy : All those people under one (free) roof, all obese, tons of food and fast food - which is very expensive. Not one job between them. So who pays for all this? This is why my taxes go up and up? I eat ramen and they eat anything, everything? What human garbage.

Dirty Dancing ( 2 hours ago )

sunshinedaydreamz : I put it on and immediately wanted to watch the original, the first dance scene in the shack had about as much sex appeal as a wet mop. It truly is in the direction and cast, that makes a great movie. The first was smoldering and exciting. Everything about this remake to put it simply...SUCKS!

Schitt's Creek ( 2 hours ago )

HattoriHanzo : "my grand grandfather Horus Schitt" lmao

T2 Trainspotting ( 2 hours ago )

anticrombie : Fucking perfect sequel. Nothing else need be said.

Scanners II: The New Order ( 2 hours ago )

BellaMia2 : It was just OK for me. Not as good as the first installment, unfortunately. The atmosphere was not there, as much as the first one. Twice did I almost end it, because I wasn't into the story as much as I would've liked to. I expected a more epic battle between the good and the villain. As it was, it was pretty tame, dull. To watch if only, for continuity of the series. Cool effects for the time thought.

24 ( 2 hours ago )

water2whine : Well dang, Jack gave Hastings permission to grow a pair! Considering Jack's track record with women (he needs to start thinking gay) things do not bode well for poor Renee. Among the DOJ, the Russians and the jihadist she makes a great target now that she's out of CTU. Earlier I said I'd be a soft target for recruiting -- EXCEPT if they wanted me to blow myself up ... I would rather get shot in the back and never see it coming.

A Cure for Wellness ( 2 hours ago )

katebunny85 : If you're squeamish about slithery things and parasites, might want to skip this one. As for the movie, I loved the atmosphere of it, the cinematography and the three main actors. As for the story in one word? Meh. I agree, it was too long and drawn out. Confusing yet predictable. Some mysteries left at the end but it really doesn't matter to the main point of the story, which I didn't think was a huge surprise. Decent one-time watch, but I was hoping for something truly mind-blowing and this fell short for me.

A Cure for Wellness ( 2 hours ago )

marionkreitmair : interesting...different movie....yes its 2hr but worth to watch

P'tang Yang Kipperbang ( 2 hours ago )

captainbritain : Watch this movie the first time it aired on Channel 4 ... a very enjoyable movie .

The Purge ( 3 hours ago )

Tehanu : The logic of this movie goes over my head. Everyone who participates simply enjoys killing for the sake of killing. That and the first time I saw the boy I thought he was a girl.

T2 Trainspotting ( 3 hours ago )

kaspars100 : such a waste of good actors, total crap not a movie!

24 ( 3 hours ago )

water2whine : I have a confession. Considering what I KNOW our government does and does not do, it would not take much AT ALL for me to be recruited by a foreign jihadist faction...because I genuinely hate our government. I love my country but I DESPISE how its run and feel so helpless that it takes millionaires to run for even the lowest of federal offices. I don't know about you but I don't even KNOW any millionaires so HOW exactly are they representative of me the people? Dana is an idiot. She was free, changed her name, had a life, she shoulda told Cole and turned those creeps in to begin with. Jack is officially an idiot in my book. He was turned over to the Chinese to be tortured and killed, he was turned over to some other faction to be sacrificed, he was out of the life, happy, but let himself get sucked right back in with a government to which he was 100% expendable.

On Wings of Eagles ( 3 hours ago )

aafa83 : If you do finish this movie, would you please let me know if the acting improves? Had to quit after 10 min.

Benidorm ( 3 hours ago )

wayney85 : more like 2** lol

Alien: Covenant ( 3 hours ago )

Reverendfelcher : Good lord. Even though I thought I had the end game and the future and past lore figured out--it was still monumentally depressing to watch it all unfold. It makes Prometheus a better film, now that we can see where it was heading. This is a very good film, but I can't see it making very much money because it's so morose. Nice to see a film end on such a low note though. A bit Empire Strikes Back in that regard. Glad the sequel starts filming very soon.

Displacement ( 4 hours ago )

sgo_leary : Sometime, you should heed the comments...

Life ( 4 hours ago )

Melissannish : LOL so stupid! Cheap watch.

Royal Flash ( 4 hours ago )

defleur : I absolutely loved the books, my brother bought them all & got me into them, & we watched this together years ago on TV in Norway with great expectation, but it was an absolute disappointment. I think the strangest thing about it was the casting, surely Oliver Reed would have been the perfect Flashman!

Harlots ( 4 hours ago )

manditoe : That was a tad short, now for the long wait! I really like this show!!

Alien: Covenant ( 4 hours ago )

TeddyBearButt : Not too shabby! Tgis held my attention, especially the details.

Hear No Evil ( 4 hours ago )

AlphaThrillSeeker : A Nightmare on Elm Street...not the chomo, the teen killer. Shame Minnesota doesn't have the death penalty.

Black Butterfly ( 4 hours ago )

literati : Mostly boring until the last 20 minutes then it is rushed - bad pacing rather than a suspenseful build-up. A whole lot more story could have gone into this. As is, it's implausible. I like the 3 main actors but they don't fit the roles. 5/10

Ancient Aliens ( 4 hours ago )

cappee : This series is more satire than documentary

Empire ( 5 hours ago )

kurisuteen : I guess it was difficult for them to top the season finale with Rhonda flying off the roof, and us not knowing if it was Rhonda or Anika, now THAT was a season finale...they're trying too hard with this one and introducing too many new characters, unnecessary - utilize what you have, a cast of hella good actors.

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Slamma Jamma

jfivehunny : 'Slamma Jamma'? Really? That is the title they wanted to go with?

Dirty Dancing

shiskebob : I appreciate that they tried to make it their own. Unfortunately, she can't danc ...

Alien: Covenant

AimoKuningas : Stopped watching after a little over an hour (when the genius had blown their re ...

Prison Break

Christinaxo : i think Linkon is still alive and he ran around the back and shot her before she ...


bjmukwati : This show is getting harder and harder to watch

Manhattan Night

malaysiaboy : Good neo-noir with gloomy atmosphere and solid performances. Could have used a l ...


Juules : Darkest crime series I have ever come across so far. Very intense and fast paced ...

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