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Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

harleyjo : Thank you uploaders. The perfect Easter Egg for Easter. Really enjoyed the differences between the film & the novel. I have a feeling Hollywood is going to produce Ernest Cline's other novel - Armada!

Demon House ( 3 weeks ago )

Psyentizt : Well, I guess they did a decent job of portraying the nonsensical story that the media picked up and ran with. But that's all this is, a blatant fabrication that was used to gather attention and web hits. If you do some simple research on this story and avoid all of the websites that are helping to hawk these falsehoods, you will quickly notice that the entire thing comes down to Latoya's dishonesty, imbecility, and poor parenting. ALL of this stuff happening, over a long period of time, and not a single piece of compelling evidence caught on camera. You know why nothing was caught on camera? Because none of that stuff happened. Even Latoya's family knows she's full of sh!t, and they have no problem calling her out on it. Several people have concluded that she's just playing games and getting her children to play along with her nonsense. There's a reason CPS was called out to that house several times, and it has nothing to do with "paranormal activity." It's because that lady is a terrible mother who's showing signs that point toward mental health issues and she clearly lacks the ability to take proper care of her children. She's neglectful and refuses to put them in school claiming "she can't find one." CPS workers have stated that all 3 of the children have serious behavioral problems and have, on more than one occasion, recommended that they be taken out of Latoya's custody and placed under proper care. The fact that she was willing to peddle all of this rubbish for attention is bad enough, but now that she's got movie producers knocking on her door and has found a way to monetize all of her blatant fabrications, this whole thing has turned into a giant sh!t show that she's exploiting at the expense of her own children. It's disgusting, and honestly, she should be facing charges and her children should be placed in a home where they can be raised and educated in an appropriate manner by people who actually care about their well-being. All that being said, I won't even bother posting what I think about Zac's attempt to add to this already fabricated story. I'll just say it's pretty obvious that he's a phony... a fraud. But, if you're willing to watch it from merely an entertainment standpoint, I guess it could be worse. At least he's not putting his lies on the backs of innocent children...

Room 104 ( 3 weeks ago )

Suzicueball : First ep Good! I hope they are all like this or better. That was crazy, literally :P

Siren ( 3 weeks ago )

WalsallGuy : Well I have to say that I've only just come across this by checking latest releases and damn so far it's got me hooked and can't wait to see how this evolves. Eline Powell suits the part and is time this up and coming actress had her shot at a main title role. The complete concept is a game changer compared to what is currently airing over the networks these days.

Moral Orel ( 3 weeks ago )

andrewthegreat : that was hilarious but i don't think i will be eating any egg's for a few days lol

Theresa vs. Boris: How May Became PM ( 3 weeks ago )

britflix : Bojo The clown is a complete moron & Theresa "Wannabe thatcher" May walked through the back door of No 10 when "Pig F**ker" Cameron resigned after referendum, then she jumped into bed with DUP after calling a snap election and losing the majority....Tory Scum

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ( 3 weeks ago )

ellegrl : omgosh every time I watch this show my mouth waters. I would love to try at the very least one thing on the menu at all the places he visits.

Damned ( 3 weeks ago )

Meadley : One of the best shows to come out of the UK. Please give another series.

Siren ( 3 weeks ago )

Wjennings246 : Well crafted. Well written. Decent actors. Directed with a relaxed hand that trusted the story would be enough to capture and hold the audience. He was right. 8/10

A Single Shot ( 3 weeks ago )

halloween1 : Sam Rockwell puts in an amazing performance. It reminded me slightly of 'No Country For Old Men' and 'Fargo' . It maybe slow but the tension builds and builds throughout. Not to give spoilers away but I rolled my eyes at the ending. All in all a really solid watch 4/5

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

tcon77 : Excellent cam version, who ever recorded this is a wiz with the cam, awesome movie, I hope they make a second one 10/10

Carnival Eats ( 3 weeks ago )

Suzicueball : I just recently started watching this show (2017) and I can't get over all the concoctions people put together to make this food. Some look so delicious but others look like slop that would give you heart palpitations within the 3rd bite lol but it's still very interesting to watch for the people, the recipes and locations. I can deal with the host but sometimes he's just so corny :P Pun intended lol

The Flash ( 3 weeks ago )

v8rider : UUUGH!!! Iris makes my wanna jump off a building and catch my eye lid on a nail

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

hellsingfan01 : such a great fun filled movie

Annihilation ( 3 weeks ago )

cercax : Boring movie. I watched it on Netflix. Plot is weak and FX doesn’t mix well together with all pictures. Was too bored to watch entire movie.

Supernatural ( 3 weeks ago )

tussles : This was the first Supernatural episode I've ever seen and I really enjoyed it, nice mashup. Might just binge and catch up..

Santa Clarita Diet ( 3 weeks ago )

Suzicueball : HILARIOUS! I loved it. I hope there will be a third and more seasons to this. Good to see someone making fun of the zombie genre instead of there being an apocalypse then humans turning on eachother for survival instead let's just kill anyone who won't be missed or needed :P Olyphant is still so cute and that salt and pepper hair makes him sexy ;)

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

Kanifuker : Wait for a better copy but thanks uploader.

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

tussles : Member Berries: The Movie

Maze Runner: The Death Cure ( 3 weeks ago )

overfiend : The first one was really something interesting. Then came the second senseless part which made this all so irrational. By the end of part 2 I said I hope I never see part three and now it is out I ask WHY..why thrash more moronic notions onto viewers..why push so much that is not logical onto people who demand coherent novelty instead of a melancholic drama held together with the bubble gum of stupidity.

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge ( 3 weeks ago )

hollywoodjimbo : Well done documentary with many believable and serious eyewitness testimonies. Thank you uploaders!

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

mrshomicide : They changed way too much from the book, it felt like a different experience tbh. On it's own, it's a decent time killer movie... eh. ultimately disappointed.

Reboot The Guardian Code ( 3 weeks ago )

Cataclysmic : WTF, they rebooted Reboot and turned it into THIS?? They didn't need to ruin the series by changing it so much that it's basically Power Rangers Cyberspace. I know this is for kids and just by watching the trailer I'm not going to watch an episode. I was just shocked that this was even made and how they got everything wrong.

Wannabe ( 3 weeks ago )

whodunit : loving this show

Goodnight Mommy ( 3 weeks ago )

Suzicueball : Definitely slow to the build up almost to the point of boring. I get it but it didn't have to be that long lol. It was an ok watch. Not bad at all. Get-a-whoopin' central if that was me :P

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

BUDDHA512 : Great movie and just enough humanity in it.**THANK YOU UPLOADERS great copy**

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

hquant : What a shit movie, when compared to the book. It looks like it was inspired more by the title than its content. A total trainwreck in my opinion. If you think otherwise, pick up the book and see for yourselves.

Graves ( 3 weeks ago )

LOOHOO4 : Wow..Saw in the comments decided to watch all I can say..Great to find a good show like this from other primewires

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

voicesinthedark : I've never been a big Spielberg fan, but ''Ready Player One'' ticks all the boxes of what a great movie should be, the things we love about pop culture, and maybe even a lesson in that more technology advances the more we have to make sure we aren't lost to it. This is a movie you're going to watch numerous times over as every time you'll notice something you missed the last time. Sure it's a little corny at times, etc. but it's also part of it's charm. With great casting, performances, visuals and writing, ''Ready Player One'' is everything you hoped it would be and more.

The Rundown with Robin Thede ( 3 weeks ago )

YgraineDance : Robin hits her mark once again, particularly with that video at the end. Clever and very funny way to remind us all that no one is, or should need to live or be seen as, some aggressive super-being 24/7. People have layers, dimensions, and more than one speed. It can be easy to forget that, especially in times that encourage lazy, lemming-like 'thought.'

Sons of Ben ( 3 weeks ago )

thunderbolito : I love the spirit of Philly fans and son's of Ben, good documentary , is more than just soccer, well worth a look.

Trailer Park Boys ( 3 weeks ago )

dprezzz : Ricky - "I am getting back in shape" line. :D

Mom ( 3 weeks ago )

Decomposite : Man, Christy can't catch a break!

King Charles ( 3 weeks ago )

superdave77 : a low budget targeted for the African American audience movie. Bad acting, script, you name it..maybe a step above an iphone made by buddies home movie

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

Suzicueball : Really liked this one! Saw alot of childhoold cameo's and it was a good story for today. I think it's a good break from anything serious triggering everybody for whatever reason lol and you probably won't enjoy this or anything much else if your're mad at the world in your life :P

The Titan ( 3 weeks ago )

gary6241 : I really enjoyed this film. This and Annihilation have been two of the best sci fi films so far this year! I agree, in tweny, thirty years, this will be us trying to find a way to sustain new life on other planets.

Ready Player One ( 3 weeks ago )

Cataclysmic : There was absolutely no way for me to not like this movie being made by Spielberg and featuring a ton of my favorite characters. It's just fun with all the crazy CGI action. I watched here, but this is definitely worth my money to go to movies with friends and get the full experience.

The Titan ( 3 weeks ago )

Cataclysmic : I liked the story, but this movie moves so slow that I kept tuning in and out. Not enough eventful moments to really get into the first half. What will keep your interest is seeing the full transformation from human to titan. Some good action scenes with all the new abilities the patients get. By the end I can only hope they make more of this new species because unless he's asexual and can reproduce on his own then all that work would be for nothing.

Barry ( 3 weeks ago )

snycl : Steohen Root has been in a million things and he's always great, from newsradio to get out, i think he deserves more recognition. Anyway, good pilot ep, loking fowrad to watching more

Death Row Stories ( 3 weeks ago )

vixenk99 : This was one of the most interesting cases I've ever seen, absolutely fascinating.

Young Sheldon ( 3 weeks ago )

dkortsch : Isnt that one of the seven signs of the apocalypse?... Spoiler Alert........ Jason Alexander playing Annie

First Match ( 3 weeks ago )

thunderbolito : Very good movie, realistic , good acting and story, just like in it is in NYC , worth a look.

Caught ( 3 weeks ago )

Suzicueball : I just wanted to know why. Right off I would've known them Blaires ain't right so anything after that was on them. Eh...It wasn't horrible but not that good either. Imo.

A Wrinkle in Time ( 3 weeks ago )

metrice2121 : The book was not that good to begin with. You guy should watch the 2003 version.

Indecent ( 3 weeks ago )

mister129 : Storyline TV production of the Tony Award-winning play, based on the story of a Broadway acting troupe arrested for indecency for performing Sholem Asch's "God of Vengeance" and their fight against censorship.

Night Court ( 3 weeks ago )

Sarsaparilla : Let's go knock them dead, that's a judge I can get behind. Bert and Ernie what a couple of clowns.

Siren ( 3 weeks ago )

SizzyLove : This was an intriguing start.... It was a solid premiere...

But Deliver Us from Evil ( 3 weeks ago )

urizen : 1/5 hahah shiiiit, I would like to really meet one person who like this movie :)

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Ready Player One

harleyjo : Thank you uploaders. The perfect Easter Egg for Easter. Really enjoyed the dif ...

Demon House

Psyentizt : Well, I guess they did a decent job of portraying the nonsensical story that the ...

Room 104

Suzicueball : First ep Good! I hope they are all like this or better. That was crazy, literal ...


WalsallGuy : Well I have to say that I've only just come across this by checking latest relea ...

Moral Orel

andrewthegreat : that was hilarious but i don't think i will be eating any egg's for a few days l ...

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