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The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund ( 6 seconds ago )

BellaMia2 : Oh boy. That was bad. The acting was passable sometimes and other times, it was comical, overdone. Lots of let-me-roll-my-eyes moments. Anna's possession per say was one of the worse I've seen so far. It didn't creep me out, it made me laugh. In all, the damn movie was boring as hell. Beside, not many movies have managed to be interesting in the possession genre. This one definitely was not.

Last Man Standing ( 4 minutes ago )

Sarsaparilla : I like Eve, I think it's always that hard for children to bond with the "other" parent.

The Walking Dead ( 4 minutes ago )

saintboon : If any of you are interested in seeing what the comic is like and the differences, here's a site that has it up:

Avas Possessions ( 5 minutes ago )

BellaMia2 : If I understand, the goal of this movie was to be a satire? Or not?! Either way, it didn't work for me. The script was not interesting enough for me. Now, I do appreciate they tried to make something different but, it came out erratic, with a story not well told. I mean come on, trying to get re-possessed, just the fun of it?! Right! Sorry but that one didn't work for me.

Dimension 404 ( 11 minutes ago )

jenxpaige : I think this is more a poor-man's Black Mirror. Given there's no Charlie Brooker involved, I don't think it's bad at all. I've enjoyed most of the episodes so far, mostly because they have casted great actors, which helps bring the stories to life. So the writing isn't as deep or compelling as Black Mirror, but it's still fun and engaging. Worth a watch. 7/10 for me.

The Binding ( 13 minutes ago )

BellaMia2 : Boy, that was too boring for me. Couldn't make iis one, save yourself.t to the end. Pass on this one, save yourself.

Star Wars The New Republic Anthology ( 22 minutes ago )

Banankrussidull : Now thats badass.

Attack on Titan ( 26 minutes ago )

Rory934 : About time there was another good one i was just about to give up

The Leftovers ( 27 minutes ago )

StarWhisper : This episode provides one inconsistency that I just can't believe. Nora would NEVER have left Kevin for admitting that he was seeing dead people. She is a fighter and she would have stuck by him. If she were to be done with him, she would have told him to leave, after all, that is her house that she paid for with her 3 million dollars. Why would she take a baby and a frail woman in a wheelchair to a hotel, rather than kick him out? Just does not make sense to me.

Bates Motel ( 27 minutes ago )

JennS001 : wow! i am for sure going to miss this show.. the way it ended was prob perfect.

Wentworth ( 32 minutes ago )

Ravenousbird : Excellent episode. This is the way a series should be done... it just keeps getting better. The Sonia saga is really a brilliant touch and adds a lot to continuing on since Bea died. Love this show! Thank you, uploaders.

Last Man Standing ( 33 minutes ago )

Sarsaparilla : Socra-tease. That was a pretty good one. I could fix that. The toy world bit was pretty good. I like Blanca.

Bates Motel ( 33 minutes ago )

nicolama : Excellent. I love the way they combined elements from both the movie and the book, kept a few iconic moments from the movie, but shook it up and made it new! Will miss this!

Into the Badlands ( 36 minutes ago )

luvlinguae : The whole Xmas shop scene was surreal. Easy to forget that this is planet Earth.

Lost Girl ( 49 minutes ago )

GameLover055 : this was one of the best outsides yet to see Bo use all her power to fight the Gouda, and have all the help she had along her way. I say too cool!!!!!!!!!

Logan ( 53 minutes ago )

naffster00 : This movie was honestly super boring, very week story line and a washed up Wolverine.

Last Man Standing ( 55 minutes ago )

Sarsaparilla : Yep, too much check cashin goin on. But I said no because I love you a lot more than she does. I wonder how many times they had to shoot the ending to get of shot of the kid without him crying.

The Ren & Stimpy Show ( 58 minutes ago )

Dethkids : DEEA-TH..!...IT"S...DEATH..*!-YOOU-E-DIOT!...and ITS what WE'LL BE if we DONT GETOUTTA HEEEERE....!!!!!**

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor ( 1 hour ago )

imalwaystheboss : could use a little bit of work on the sound quality, was quite choppy on all the copies here, visual was good though

The Catch ( 1 hour ago )

DebbieLegg : Love this show and that was one heck of a season opener, especially that ending haha.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return ( 1 hour ago )

SimpleM : It's not bad, jokes are okay but they still need to work on chemistry between the new characters.

Prison-A-Go-Go ( 1 hour ago )

Joe549 : actually worse than it sounds

Basketball Wives ( 1 hour ago )

L053R : Tami is really trying it...why is she trying to get jackie and evelyn to fight so bad?? girl let it go.

Twiz & Tuck ( 1 hour ago )

deuce_222 : Ughhh.....Trash

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ( 1 hour ago )

Joejitsu88 : There seems to be a battle of the uploaders. Ep 56 & Ep 60 can not be the same episode.

Self/less ( 1 hour ago )

water2whine : I purely have chills at that ending!! Absolutely an exceptional thriller!! A little sci-fi, great action, a touch of drama and ROCK SOLID suspense ... if any those genres are your cup of tea ... a superior watch!!! Way, way exceeded my expectations which are generally pretty high because I watch for only one reason --- to be entertained ... not to be a critic or watch the hottest stars or follow "professional" critics (I think they get kickbacks LOL) but purely for the fun of the journey!!! 10/10

Last Man Standing ( 1 hour ago )

Sarsaparilla : Yep, the police always know the downside of things.

Broadchurch ( 1 hour ago )

classicfeatures : wow, this show is good, u cant see the who behind it because every1 has secrets.

Wentworth ( 1 hour ago )

britflix : UH-OH haha i love Wentworth ( & i'm not convinced that Bea's really dead IMHO)

Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World ( 1 hour ago )

moocow6996 : This documentary is absurdly biased propaganda.

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: Beyond the Pale ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMia2 : Aaah. Yet, another good movie from the Whicher saga. Loved that one too. I just wished that there would be more episodes to come in the future. And I hope to see more of it. Perfect, all around. Very good watch.

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey ( 1 hour ago )

Joe549 : it's unbelievable that there are people that still insist that this never happened..

FEUD ( 1 hour ago )

nicolama : Excellent! Two fabulous stars play two fabulous stars. Too bad the next season is just going to be typical exploitation stuff. They should keep with the Golden/Silver Age of movies.

WWE Monday Night RAW ( 1 hour ago )

David_Smith : Wow.....that was a really great episode of Raw. I hope they stay the course this time.....

Quantico ( 1 hour ago )

hussv1 : This show is hilarious. I never realized FBI agents talk that much about their feelings.

The Last Man on Earth ( 1 hour ago )

Snapped_Peach : It would be spectacular to have a whole season where Tandy is unable to speak. Even one episode would make me happy.

Attack on Titan ( 1 hour ago )

Rory934 : Every one of the characters need to stop feeling sorry for them selves my god its ruining the show for me, wah wah wah im not good enough i cant do this wawawa, wile cryers!! ill keep watching tho in the hope they all man up

Rise ( 1 hour ago )

Madrone : Just about everything in this film is substandard: Idea, plot, script, direction, acting, editing, music.

The Great Wall ( 1 hour ago )

simi5 : wha whats this? super movie here. didnt expected this! need to call my friends about this

The Real Housewives of Potomac ( 1 hour ago )

malloryor : I don't remember Gizelle being this catty last season. It was Gran "MADAME" who was the bully and Gizelle would be the one supplying the read. Andy must of promised her a bigger check if she stirs the pot. Either way, Gizelle flat out lied to Monique and is indeed jealous of her.

Bates Motel ( 2 hours ago )

propjoe31336 : Hands down the best series finale I've seen since Six Feet Under (honorable mentions to Rectify & Eastbound & Down). The perfect execution from start to finish has cemented Bates Motel as one of my all time favorites.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ( 2 hours ago )

heavens_lil_devil : Damn for such a "bad bitch" sure looks like she struggling with that delivery...

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ( 2 hours ago )

XilluminatiX : This is gona be an awesome series and it means so much more if uve seen Naruto and Shippuden

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake ( 2 hours ago )

tapirpunk : LSP Rules!!! Lump yeah!

Wentworth ( 2 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : I'm so delighted this series is back! And what writing and acting, wow!! I honestly am so impressed. My disbelief is suspended at every episode and I am totally in the episode like it's real life. Thank you uploaders!

How to Get Away with Murder ( 2 hours ago )

Caroline80 : I really hate Laurel, she is just obsessed with Wes all of a sudden, I mean I get they were in love and she's angry, but seriously... First she falls for Frank, then for Wes because Frank wasn't having her bitchyness, then she claims Frank killed Wes, and after one meating she realises he didn't. Lashes out at everyone and everything, no one else is even allowed to feel sad, it's all about HER. Ugh, hope she dies next!

The Magicians ( 2 hours ago )

HighlanderLass : man quinton really manned up there when trying to get Mayakovsky to help lol Our little boy is growing up? maybe.

Eating You Alive ( 2 hours ago )

ThomasinaPaine : An omnivore diet makes sense to me. Emotionally, I fully understand what might push someone to be vegan. [Prior to watching 'Silence of the Lambs' and hearing Lecter taunt Clarissa about the reason for the movie's title, lamb was one of my favorite meats. Now... it's very hard to bring myself to eat it]. Carbohydrates are actually found in all food GROUPS with the exception of fats and oils, but come primarily from the bread, cereal and grain food group, as well as the fruit and vegetable group. These foods are naturally higher in fiber, helping you feel full longer. The milk, yogurt and cheese group contains carbohydrates, protein and fat. Meat, poultry and fish without breading or added ingredients do not contain carbs, but other foods in this protein-rich group, such as beans and nuts, do contain varying amounts of carbohydrates. The fiber, vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables and fruits are ESSENTIAL to the nervous system, proper brain function, and the body's ability TO digest and eliminate. Kicking vegetables and fruits to the curb opens the door to cardiovascular complications, imho.

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Last Man Standing

Sarsaparilla : I like Eve, I think it's always that hard for children to bond with the "ot ...

The Walking Dead

saintboon : If any of you are interested in seeing what the comic is like and the difference ...

Avas Possessions

BellaMia2 : If I understand, the goal of this movie was to be a satire? Or not?! Either way, ...

Dimension 404

jenxpaige : I think this is more a poor-man's Black Mirror. Given there's no Charlie Brooke ...

The Binding

BellaMia2 : Boy, that was too boring for me. Couldn't make iis one, save yourself.t to the e ...

Attack on Titan

Rory934 : About time there was another good one i was just about to give up

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